Rethinking the electric car

Plug & play

A platform for the future of mobility

Fully modular

The DeepDrive technology

Our groundbreaking powertrain technology for electric vehicles


Excellent efficiency in real-world driving situations increases driving range of the vehicle by 20%.


Up to >150 kW and >1,800 Nm per motor to power any vehicle – scalable with the motor current.


Our design is so compact, that it could
even be packaged inside the wheel as
an in-wheel application.


Designed for economic series production with easy manufacturing steps and standard materials.

Our vision for next generation EVs: a plug & play vehicle platform enabled by the DeepDrive powertrain
All driving functions
in a flat platform
Completely scalable
for maximum flexibility
Greatest range with
more space for batteries
Standardised and clearly
defined interfaces

Why DeepDrive makes the difference...

plug & play

Our platform is completely flat and scalable in size, giving vehicle makers full flexibility to build all their vehicle concepts on top – no matter what size, form, or shape.


Using our platform reduces the development costs of new vehicles by up to 50% and gets them on the streets more than two years faster.


We tailored our platform to the future of mobility: fully autonomous ready, lowest total cost of ownership in the market, and on top of that highly sustainable.

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