2023 / 06 / 22

DeepDrive’s Co-Founder and MD, Felix Poernbacher, featured on Mike’s Scaleup Valley Podcast.

We’re excited to share that DeepDrive recently took center stage as the featured guest on the esteemed Scaleup Valley podcast. This engaging conversation dives deep into the core of DeepDrive’s mission and sheds light on the groundbreaking work we’re doing in the realm of electric mobility.

In this captivating podcast episode, Felix shares the inspiring story of how our team of seven visionary co-founders came together to challenge the giants of the automotive industry and reshape the future of electric mobility. Their relentless pursuit of excellence has led to remarkable milestones along the way, paving the path for large-scale series production.

Beyond the financial achievements, the conversation with Felix delves into the intrinsic value that DeepDrive holds. From our strong focus on industry expertise, with engineering talent hailing from leading automotive companies and suppliers, to our cutting-edge technology and patents, and our strategic go-to-market approach, DeepDrive embodies a holistic approach to revolutionizing electric mobility.

We invite you to listen to this captivating podcast episode and discover firsthand the passion, expertise, and relentless drive that fuels DeepDrive’s mission. Gain insights into our team, technology, and the exciting future we’re shaping together.

Listen to the podcast episode here: