2023 / 10 / 05

DeepDrive partners with Continental to develop a wheel hub drive with an integrated braking solution, promising high torque and power density with low noise emissions for electric vehicles.
DeepDrive, the Munich-based startup with a decidedly different take on what drive units for electric vehicles can and should be, has today announced a strategic partnership with global all-things-mobility stalwart Continental that will see the duo develop a wheel hub drive with an integrated braking solution.
The partnership was initiated by co-pace, Continental’s venture capital arm, and co-lead in DeepDrive’s €15 million Series A round that was announced earlier this year.
As opposed to relying on the over-a-century-old layout of engine, transmission, and drivetrain all occupying separate spaces throughout what we all know as a modern vehicle, with electric vehicle propulsion, DeepDrive is throwing the playbook out the window.
Dan Taylor
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