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Pioneering Innovation for Europe’s Automotive Future

As the automotive industry hurtles towards a future defined by electrification and sustainability, Europe’s established players are seeking a competitive edge to maintain their dominance in this rapidly evolving landscape. Amidst this transformation, one company is making waves – DeepDrive, a young and dynamic high-tech disruptor founded by visionary engineers with a shared passion for innovation and performance.

DeepDrive’s journey began just two years ago, but its roots stretch back a decade to their time at the TUfast motorsport team of TU Munich. Six of the seven founders honed their skills through their dedication to participating in Formula Student. Pausing their studies particularly to join this experience, they embarked on an extraordinary journey of building electric race cars and competing with other student motorsport teams from around the world.

This hands-on experience shaped their engineering acumen and passion for innovation, setting the stage for DeepDrive’s revolutionary technology. After leaving TUfast and graduating from their engineering studies, the founders delved into the automotive industry, amassing invaluable experience with industry leaders like Audi, Bosch, and Compact Dynamic. Their collective expertise, combined with a chance encounter with co-founder Dr. -Ing. Alexander Rosen at Bosch, ignited the spark that would lead to the birth of DeepDrive.

Fueled by an unwavering determination to revolutionize electric mobility, DeepDrive embarked on a remarkable journey of bootstrapping their startup for nine months. During this period, the founders passionately invested their own resources and expertise to develop the first prototype with their now patented Dual Rotor system. As word spread about DeepDrive’s groundbreaking innovation, major investments from industry giants like BMW i Ventures and Continental’s corporate venture unit co-pace followed suit.

These partnerships not only served as a testament to the transformative potential of DeepDrive’s technology but also validated the company’s position as a key technology leader in the electric mobility domain. With the patented Dual Rotor system at the core of their technology, DeepDrive redefines electric motor efficiency, offering two exceptional products in their portfolio: the groundbreaking in-wheel drive and the powerful central drive.

Both innovations bring remarkable benefits, increasing vehicle range by up to 20% and significantly reducing EV cost. This technological prowess makes DeepDrive a true force to be reckoned with in the industry, empowering electric mobility like never before.

DeepDrive’s mission is centered around collaboration, working closely with key players in the automotive industry to drive innovation and progress. It is their goal to be a catalyst for positive change and play a vital role in shaping the future of mobility through strategic partnerships and groundbreaking technology. The company firmly believes that European automotive players must harness significant, true technical innovation and embrace the agility of young, high-tech enterprises like itself to stay ahead in this fiercely competitive race for electrification from all around the world.

DeepDrive’s journey towards industry prominence is a testament to Europe’s untapped potential for technological resurgence. As global competition, particularly from China, intensifies, European OEMs must grasp the opportunity to reshape their technological narrative.

By capitalizing on synergies with innovative companies and investing in high-impact, forward-thinking technologies, Europe’s automotive industry can reestablish its position as a global technology leader.

In these transformative times, Europe’s automotive industry faces an imperative to embrace innovation and seize the opportunity to shape the future of mobility. DeepDrive stands ready to collaborate, offering not just technological breakthroughs, but also a fresh perspective and the nimbleness required to navigate the ever-evolving industry landscape.

Oli Ballard

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