2024 / 05 / 04
Felix started his higher education journey at TUM, where his interest in electric vehicles began to shape his career. During his Bachelor studies, he worked at Infineon with his supervisor and future DeepDrive co-founder, Chris, on projects involving low-voltage inverters. This experience gave him a strong foundation in electric power systems.

The formula student chapter

Encouraged by Chris, other mentors, and Formula Student alumni, Felix was inspired to join TUfast during his fifth semester, taking a significant role in developing inverter software and hardware. This period of his academic life was a dynamic mix of learning and applying, despite the unforeseen challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic, which initially derailed their plans with competitions being postponed. Nevertheless, the resilience and collective effort of Felix and his team eventually led to a remarkable achievement: securing second place at the Formula Student Germany (FSG) competition in the following year.

Master’s degree and exploring the world

Felix also pursued a Master degree in Electrical Engineering, during which he joined BMW’s Fast Lane programme. This opportunity took him to various departments within BMW, including a memorable stint in Silicon Valley, USA. Here, Felix worked on digital car key technology, a project that, while different from his primary focus, broadened his technical skills and perspective.
After graduation, his choice to go with DeepDrive was driven by the prospects of innovation the dynamic team atmosphere, and the chance to work on advanced technology. A significant factor in his decision was the familiarity and prior collaboration with DeepDrive team members Rodrigo, Kilian, Dominik, and of course, Chris. Having worked closely with them on inverter projects in the past, Felix felt confident in joining a team where strong professional relationships and shared experiences promised a collaborative and innovative working environment.

Impactful work at DeepDrive

At DeepDrive, Felix focuses on inverter software control to improve electric vehicle performance and efficiency. His responsibilities extend beyond traditional roles, involving the integration of software with hardware components of inverters, and expertise in low-level coding, electrical hardware, and electromagnetics. This approach has led to advancements in operational stability and efficiency of electric vehicles, overcoming previous constraints. Felix’s work in refining control algorithms and his comprehensive understanding of the machinery contribute to the company’s efforts to meet efficiency objectives and establish new industry standards.

Life beyond engineering

Outside of his professional achievements, Felix enjoys an active lifestyle. He loves soccer, hiking, camping on mountain tops, and cycling. These activities not only keep him physically active but also provide a refreshing balance to his work life.