2023 / 08 / 10
At a young age already, Markus always had a fascination with cars. He spent countless hours drawing them and dreaming about designing his own. That’s why he pursued a degree in mechanical engineering where he met his now Co-founders Stefan and Dean already in his first semester at TU Munich back in 2010.
Together, they worked on various projects, including joining TUfast, the motorsport team of TU Munich. Markus quickly became an expert in vehicle dynamics and was even the team leader for the suspension department.Through his work at TUfast, Markus discovered the benefits of using hub motors. These motors, which are built directly into the wheels, provide significant weight savings, packaging advantages, and better efficiency than traditional drivetrains. Despite their theoretical drawbacks, hub motors have largely become the standard in formula student motorsport electric vehicles. After graduating, Markus worked at Bosch for several years, where he designed and engineered rotors for electric motors. He gained valuable insights into the electric vehicle industry, including the best practices for industrializing electric powertrains.
Markus, however, aimed for a goal beyond mere component-level work; he wanted to create something truly revolutionary. With the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, Markus and his friends found themselves with a lot of free time. They started discussing ideas that would enable new electric drive architectures and shape tomorrow’s electric mobility. The revelation dawned upon them relatively quickly: the desire to initiate something of their own. They took the bold step of bidding farewell to their current jobs, embarking on the conceptual phase with a clear goal — to craft a revolutionary new electric motor technology which can either be integrated directly into the wheels or as a traditional central drive unit. This new system is not only more efficient and powerful than traditional drivetrains, but it’s also more cost-effective to produce and easier to integrate into existing vehicle designs.
Markus’s creativity and passion for engineering have helped DeepDrive create a truly groundbreaking technology that will change the face of the electric vehicle industry. We’re excited to have him on board and can’t wait to see what he comes up with next!