2023 / 10 / 27

Embarking on an engineering adventure: The TUfast chapter

Alexander Kraus’ journey in automotive engineering took off with his involvement in TUfast, diving deep into the realms of electric powertrains, high-voltage electronics, and inverters. Over two years of active participation and another year as an alumnus laid a robust foundation for his future endeavors, equipping him with invaluable experience and knowledge.

Educational roots and industry exposure

Parallel to his hands-on experience, Alexander pursued and achieved his bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering and Information Technology from TUM. His academic background, coupled with the practical exposure, prepared him for the challenges ahead. During his studies, he also gained industry experience working with companies specializing in power inverters, renewable energy, and quality assurance, further sharpening his skills.

A pivotal moment: Discovering DeepDrive

The trajectory of Alexander’s career witnessed a significant shift when our co-founder Stefan extended an invitation for a visit. This opportunity allowed Alexander to meet key team members and explore the company’s innovative projects. Impressed by the advanced technology and the team’s expertise, he realized that DeepDrive was his next destination. “The technology was advanced, and the team was impressive; I saw a future for myself here,” he remarked, reflecting on his decision to join the team.

Diving into hardware electronics engineering

Now a vital part of DeepDrive, Alexander’s role encompasses Hardware Electronics Engineering and managing the test bench. He is instrumental in designing the DeepDrive high-voltage In-Wheel, conducting tests and validations, and ensuring compliance with industry standards. His commitment to excellence is evident in his meticulous approach to his work. In his role overseeing the test bench, Alexander ensures the integrity of control electronics and the accurate transmission of data for analysis, playing a crucial role in enhancing DeepDrive’s testing capabilities. His work is not just about the present; it’s about laying the groundwork for future innovations, particularly in hardware and high-voltage electronic design.

Thriving in a vibrant team environment

The dynamic and open environment at DeepDrive resonates with Alexander, reminding him of the Formula Student mentality and the relentless pursuit of optimal solutions. He appreciates the team’s efficiency and their spirit to engage in meaningful discussions, creating a unique and thriving workplace.

Blending personal passions with professional life

Alexander’s enthusiasm for motorsports and electronics extends beyond the workplace, as he also indulges in these passions during his free time. This blend of personal interests and professional commitments embodies the spirit at DeepDrive, creating a harmonious balance in his life.

Envisioning a bright future and making a mark

Looking forward, Alexander is optimistic about the prospects of DeepDrive, especially in the hardware domain. He is eager to contribute to various facets of the company’s growth, from commercial building to process structuring. His deep involvement in the test bench project stands out as his most significant contribution, validating DeepDrive’s technology and showcasing its potential to future customers.