2023 / 07 / 07



Today, we have the pleasure of introducing you to one of the brilliant minds behind DeepDrive’s groundbreaking technology. Meet Dr.-Ing. Alexander Rosen, our Co-founder and a true trailblazer in the field of electric motors. With 14 years of research experience in in-wheel technologies, Alex’s passion for electric motors ignited at a young age. Even as a child, he tinkered with motors, and that spark continued to grow throughout his studies in Electrical Engineering at the University of Hannover.


Back then, the concept of electric mobility wasn’t as prominent as it is today. While most students focused on microchips and control systems, Alex found himself drawn towards the territory of electric motors. The exeptional institute of his Alma Mater, Leibniz University Hanover, provided him with top-notch education and inspiring lectures that further fueled his drive.
Alex’s journey then took him to Bosch, where he dived into the world of electric and hybrid vehicles during his internship. It was here that he had his first encounter with drives used in large-scale serial production, giving him valuable insights into the industry. Soon after, an opportunity arose at the Fraunhofer Institute to pursue his doctoral thesis on hub motors.


This is where Alex’s path became clear: by prioritizing efficiency, in-wheel drive systems proved to be the way to go. As prototypes took shape, they revealed the elimination of transmission losses and the exciting possibilities for vehicle architecture and space utilization. Alex’s doctoral research focused on the safety and fault tolerance of in-wheel drives, solidifying his expertise in the field.


After six productive years at the Fraunhofer Institute, Alex joined Bosch, where he dived into the development of electric drivetrains for series production. Through his designs, millions of cars, including the likes of VW’s ID 6 in China, will hit the roads in the coming years. Amidst this journey, Alex never lost sight of the potential of in-wheel motors and recognized the dire need to prioritize efficiency. Breaking away from established norms and charting a new course is no easy feat in the automotive supply industry, but Alex’s determination prevailed.


During his time at Bosch, Alex had the opportunity to connect with the other founding members of DeepDrive. The idea of in-wheel drives resonated with them, leading to their decision to join forces and establish an in-wheel startup. The process took only a few months, fueled by Alex’s unwavering confidence in the team’s capabilities. Leaving behind the security of a corporate environment with its stable salaries was a bold move, but one they never regretted. Within less than a year, they secured funding, thanks to their expertise, dedication, and the promising nature of their technology.


With their sights set on creating the most efficient high-torque drive, the team quickly developed the Dual Rotor, Radial Flux machine. Prototypes were built, tested, and showcased at events like the IAA Mobility in 2021, providing a solid foundation for seed financing. As they entered the market with their groundbreaking technology, they engaged in fruitful discussions with various OEMs who confirmed the efficiency and cost advantages of their innovation.

Through this process, they embarked on a profound learning journey. In-wheel technology possesses immense potential for making vehicles more efficient and cost-effective, but its benefits extend beyond that. The technology also offers significant advantages in traditional central drive systems, catching the attention of other industries like aviation, where power density is paramount.
DeepDrive’s quest for the optimal application of their technology spans from in-wheel to central drives, and we are determined to turn it into a reality, albeit acknowledging the long road to a series project for an automotive startup. However, the overwhelmingly positive feedback and the undeniable advantages of our motor technology, make us confident that we will succeed.

We are excited to be on this journey with Alex and can’t wait to see what the future holds for us!