2024 / 02 / 02
Allison’s time at DeepDrive involves a colourful mix of cultural exploration, business management, and human resources expertise. With her academic roots in business management from the US as well as a master’s in organizational development and behaviour studies in Innsbruck, Austria, Allison brings a unique blend of knowledge to the table. Her drive to connect with her German heritage led her to Germany, where she has since made significant strides in her career.

Diverse professional experience

Allison’s career began as a training coordinator in the US at Solvy Seven, where she refined her skills in workshop facilitation and communication. Her role at GE Healthcare in HR recruitment and operations further bolstered her expertise before she embarked on a journey to Germany. In Germany, she immersed herself in the fintech industry as an HR business partner, followed by a pivotal role at Flixbus, where she led HR communication and projects.

Joining DeepDrive

The appeal of a startup environment was what drew Allison to DeepDrive. Discovering the role through a LinkedIn post by Felix, she was captivated by the opportunity to shape HR processes and policies from scratch, a stark contrast to the routine of corporate environments. Joining DeepDrive during a period of growth, she was excited to contribute to the company’s evolving landscape.

HR strategy and daily operations

At DeepDrive, Allison’s responsibilities are comprehensive. From HR strategy formulation to being a key partner to the founders on HR topics, her role encompasses HR project management, recruiting, and addressing various HR-related inquiries. One of her significant projects has been conceptualiszing and implementing the performance and development review process for DeepDrive, a first for the company. Her approach is detail-oriented, user-friendly, and structured, built from the ground up. She collaborates closely with Felix and finds a great partner in Anita, especially when tackling new and operative HR topics.

Fostering team spirit

Allison’s unique position in DeepDrive allows her to interact with various departments, contributing to a unified team spirit. Through initiatives like monthly pulse checks, she ensures employee satisfaction and promotes a close-knit community despite diverse backgrounds.

Staying informed and future plans

To stay informed and up-to-date, Allison collaborates with other HR teams especially in the Munich startup environment, additionally making use of conferences and coaching both generally in relation to HR topics but also within the automotive space. Her network outside the automotive industry also contributes to her learning, offering diverse insights. Looking ahead, she is focused on ensuring DeepDrive’s readiness for future growth, particularly in strengthening the recruiting plan and structuring the company for an expanding team.

Personal life

Outside work, Allison enjoys adventures with her dog, an Australian Shepherd, cooking, and spending time with friends in Austria, her second home. Her hobbies reflect her adventurous spirit and deep appreciation for connections.
Allison’s role at DeepDrive is more than just managing HR; it’s about nurturing a workplace culture that values growth, innovation, and a sense of community. Her journey is a testament to the impact of strategic HR leadership in shaping the future of a dynamic startup.