2024 / 02 / 15
Anita’s work path demonstrates her adaptability and constant dedication. With a Bachelor Professional of Business and her formative apprenticeship at the Richter + Frenzel GmbH in Landshut, she established a solid foundation in business and administration. This was further strengthened by her time at HiveMQ, where she refined her skills in organizational tasks and employee lifecycle management.

Embracing a new challenge

The discovery of Anita’s LinkedIn profile by our co-founder Felix marked the start of the road to DeepDrive. Intrigued by the young company’s energy and potential she saw, Anita was drawn to the opportunity despite her limited experience in the automotive sector.
Joining DeepDrive, Anita found herself part of a vibrant and agile team. In 2022, with a compact team of fewer than 20 full-time employees, including the founders, she welcomed the transition to the hardware-focused dynamics of our company. This wasn’t just a new job; it was an invitation to a collaborative culture where every day brought new learning opportunities and the chance to be part of a forward-thinking company.

Strategizing space and culture: Anita’s hand in DeepDrive’s expansion

Anita seamlessly adapted to her role at DeepDrive, now focusing on the strategic task of transitioning the company to a new office in Garching. „It’s about creating a space that inspires innovation and collaboration,“ Anita shares. However, when she joined, everything was just starting – like a green field. She’s great at planning our company events from Christmas and summer celebrations to marking significant milestones such as Series A funding. Anita has helped create a friendly and welcoming place to work. She organizes fun monthly meetings and makes sure we always have lunch and snacks. Her work has made our team feel more connected and happier.
Her attention to detail is also evident in how she personalises the onboarding process for new hires, making sure each newcomer feels welcomed and valued from day one. „I believe in the power of a first impression,“ Anita says, „and a thoughtful onboarding experience can set the tone for an employee’s journey with us.“ Along that, the development of the DeepDrive Wiki via Confluence under Anita’s guidance has created a rich knowledge base for the company. This platform facilitates seamless information sharing and collaboration, ensuring that team members have access to vital resources and insights.

Championing inclusivity and inspiration

DeepDrive’s commitment to inclusivity, especially in supporting women, aligns with Anita’s own values. She strongly supports the company’s involvement in events like Girls‘ Day, which encourages young girls to explore traditionally male-dominated fields. „It’s initiatives like these that not only foster a culture of inclusivity but also empower the next generation,“ Anita reflects.

Keeping pace with automotive advances

Anita ensures she remains at the forefront of industry trends and HR best practices by regularly engaging with a wealth of resources. In addition to actively participating in internal discussions and developments, she keeps up to date with the automotive tech sector by listening to podcasts and interviews featuring DeepDrive’s leaders, such as our co-founders Felix and Alex. Her learning journey is further enriched through collaboration with her colleague Allison, from whom she gains new perspectives on HR strategies. Complementing this, Anita actively participates in HR startup communities, where she both learns and shares experiences, viewing the process through various lenses and continuously refining her approach to meet the unique demands of a growing company like DeepDrive.

Beyond the office

Anita’s passions extend beyond her professional life. Her love for travel has taken her from the scenic trails of Madeira to the vibrant life in Dubai, while her culinary explorations see her experimenting with new recipes and delighting in baking for friends and family.
Anita’s journey at DeepDrive is a blend of strategic acumen and a passion for people, driving the company’s growth while nurturing a community where everyone is empowered to contribute their best.