2024 / 02 / 23
Carola’s journey prior to joining us was marked by rich experiences in culture, language, and creativity. Now, at DeepDrive, she brings forth an innovative marketing approach, shaped by her diverse background and past adventures. After completing her general qualification for university entrance, Carola took a six-month gap year in Granada, Spain, with the intention of preparing herself for studying Business Communication in Spanish. During this time, she quickly became proficient in Spanish, thanks in part to her prior knowledge of Latin and Italian. However, finding her Spanish proficiency advanced beyond her expectations, she sought a new challenge and decided to study Business Communication Chinese instead. Thus, she took her first academic steps at SDI University in Munich. This choice was driven by her inner love for languages—a passion so deep that as a child, she created her own languages and effortlessly mimicked accents 😊


During a semester abroad at Jiao Tong University in Shanghai, Carola met Felix, the future co-founder and managing director of DeepDrive, and fully immersed herself in Chinese culture. This meeting marked the start of a friendship that later, by fate, even led to a job opportunity.
After completing her Bachelor’s degree, Carola sought to expand her skill set beyond languages. She pursued a Master’s in Media and Business at the Erasmus University in Rotterdam. This period was transformative, equipping her with all required marketing skills and enriching her life with lasting friendships. After her graduation, Carola returned to Munich and joined Snowflake as a Field Marketing Coordinator for DACH & Eastern Europe. This role was a significant step in her marketing career, being her first full-time position after gaining experience through internships and student jobs. Carola is particularly grateful to her manager there, who played a crucial role in her professional development by teaching her the core principles of marketing, effectively shaping her expertise and approach in the field.
Eventually, Felix approached Carola with an opportunity at DeepDrive, compelling her to join the startup. Carola’s trust in Felix’s vision and admiration for his leadership prompted her to seize the opportunity and become an integral part of our team. Since then, this courageous move has defined her career and provided the opportunity to make a substantial contribution to DeepDrive.


Carola, solely responsible for DeepDrive’s marketing and PR departments, crafted the company’s identity from scratch. Undertaking a major rebranding effort, she collaborated closely with our agency II, to create a brand that truly reflected the company’s ethos and ambitions. In tandem with rebranding, Carola embarked on expanding the company’s reach through PR activities. In the early stages, garnering attention was challenging, with only local outlets showing interest. However, through persistence and strategic outreach, Carola succeeded in securing coverage in prominent publications like Auto Motor Sport and Handelsblatt, a significant milestone that propelled DeepDrive into broader recognition.
Carola recalls a crucial day when Hans-Jürgen Jakobs, well-known as the senior editor and author at Handelsblatt and as well the editor of the Handelsblatt Morning Briefing podcast, made a visit to the DeepDrive office. This visit resulted in an in-depth coverage of our cooperation with Continental. This event stood out as a particularly fortunate milestone in her career, showcasing the impact of DeepDrive’s innovative work through prominent media recognition.


Carola appreciates the sense of community among the DeepDrive team. As the first woman hired and among the initial employees, she witnessed our evolution from a small group of passionate individuals to a large and diverse team. Today, with over 70 employees compared to her starting number of 20, we’ve become a fast-growing and established company. With DeepDrive gearing up for more growth, Carola’s vision and strategies will be key. Her journey at DeepDrive is a story of turning challenges into opportunities, driven by a mix of creativity, strategic thinking, and a genuine love for connecting with people across cultures.


Carola enjoys a wide range of hobbies that go well with her job at DeepDrive. She loves to go ski touring in the winter and loves Munich’s accessibility to the Alps. She recently started race biking, which is a tough yet satisfying sport that lets her explore the nature surrounding Munich. Carola has also started flamenco dancing because she enjoys the rhythm and the Spanish culture that goes along with it. Her passion for languages is also creatively expressed through this pastime, which allows her to practice Spanish in a lively, engaging setting.
Carola’s role at DeepDrive goes beyond typical marketing; it’s about building a brand that stands out and creating a place where everyone loves to work. It’s a story of how strategic thinking, when combined with a passion for cultures and innovation, can lead to remarkable achievements.