2024 / 01 / 22
Francesco’s journey to DeepDrive is a narrative rich with growth, challenge, and a sense of belonging. Originating from historic Rome, his academic path led him to the Technical University of Munich, where he delved into a Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering, honing a focus on automotive technology. His pursuit of a Master’s in Development, Production, and Management in Mechanical Engineering, paired with a thesis partnership with DeepDrive, is set to culminate in January 2024, marking a significant milestone in his professional development.

First steps into DeepDrive

Francesco’s initial interview at DeepDrive back in 2022, conducted by our co-founders Markus and Dean, was a significant moment for both him and the company. It marked a new beginning for Francesco and was a milestone for DeepDrive, being one of the first interviews ever conducted by its founders. This encounter set the stage for a journey filled with mutual growth and innovation.
From his initial acceptance into the DeepDrive family, Francesco experienced a warm and welcoming environment. He recalls the early days, moving between locations and setting up the workshop, as a time filled with cooperation and team spirit. Even in the simplest of tasks, he experienced a sense of comfort and belonging among his new colleagues.

Versatility and growth in mechanical engineering

Francesco’s role at DeepDrive has been characterised by its diversity and challenges. His background, including two Manufacturing internships at Ducati and BMW, provided a solid foundation for his work with us. Now his role revolves around enhancing the capabilities of the 3D printing facilities through process development. This involves experimenting with new materials and manufacturing techniques, as well as sourcing novel 3D printing materials tailored to the company’s needs. His focus on perfecting these facilities underscores the dynamic nature of his work, where innovation and practical application intersect.
For his Master’s thesis, Francesco collaborates closely with Gabriel on the testing of our In-Wheel Drive, a relatively unexplored area in the automotive industry. This project is particularly groundbreaking, given the scarcity of literature on the subject. The in-wheel motor in general presents unique challenges such as dealing with vibrations, environmental exposure, and the integration of an inverter within the motor itself. This complexity differs significantly from the classical testing of central drive machines.
Francesco’s task is not only to demonstrate that our technology is functional but also to prove its robustness and reliability. The goal of his Master thesis is to ensure that in-wheel motors can withstand the rigors of a 3000 km journey. This venture into uncharted territory highlights the innovative spirit of Mechanical Engineering and Francesco’s pivotal role in driving forward technological advancements at DeepDrive.

Team culture and work-life harmony

As the company has grown, so has the team, yet the essence of DeepDrive’s supportive culture remains intact. Francesco values the helpfulness of his colleagues, highlighting the inclusive and cooperative spirit that permeates the workplace. The social events and flexible working conditions at DeepDrive further enhance this positive atmosphere.

Future aspirations and commitment

Looking ahead, Francesco is enthusiastic about his future with us. He’s already accepted a full-time offer and is excited to continue working closely with Gabriel in System Development. His role will involve bridging different parts of the V model, ensuring that engineering requirements are met and implemented efficiently. Francesco’s belief in DeepDrive’s potential, coupled with his own ambitions, paints a future bright with promise and innovation.

Beyond engineering: a diverse range of interests

Francesco’s hobbies are as diverse and engaging as his professional life. A sports enthusiast, he actively participates in tennis, cycling, soccer, and skiing, reflecting his commitment to staying active and embracing challenges. He is also a passionate fan of Formula 1, often attending Grand Prix events and enjoying other motor-related activities like karting. Beyond his love for fast-paced sports, Francesco delves into the world of photography, a hobby that allows him to explore his creative side. These varied interests paint a picture of Francesco as a well-rounded individual, whose passions extend into both the physical and creative realms.
In Francesco, we have found not just a skilled engineer but a team member who embodies the spirit of collaboration, innovation, and personal growth. His journey at DeepDrive is a testament to the power of a supportive environment and challenging work in shaping a promising career in automotive technology.