2023 / 12 / 07
In the dynamic automotive industry, Franz’s journey to DeepDrive stands out as a story of passion, innovation, and strong professional relationships. His path is marked by a blend of technical expertise and a deep understanding of business dynamics. His experience at TUfast, a common thread shared with many of our skilled colleagues, highlights the depth of specialized knowledge within our team.

Professional journey and skill set development

Franz’s journey commenced with an internship at AUDI, where he assumed a multifaceted role. Responsibilities included meticulously preparing and post-processing committee meetings, supervising and executing sustainability projects, and optimizing processes through VBA (Visual Basic for Applications).
Subsequently, Franz transitioned to MediaMarktSaturn, specializing in Process Management and Process Mining for 2 years. Besides Process Mining, his skill set encompassed Stakeholder Management, Software Implementation, SQL, and PQL, which have continued to be valuable assets in his current role at DeepDrive.

Impact on DeepDrive’s cost-efficiency and innovation

Franz’s path to DeepDrive began with a crucial meeting in 2021. Over dinner, he discussed the potential and future of his role in the company with Stefan, one of our founders. It was a pivotal moment that shaped his decision to join the team.
At DeepDrive, Franz plays a pivotal role in the Procurement Department. His responsibilities encompass managing lead times, pricing, and quality of essential goods and parts. Franz’s expertise shines in his ability to balance cost-effectiveness with the technical needs of the products, a crucial aspect in the adoption of our innovative Dual Rotor technology.
This commitment to cost-effectiveness is central to our approach, particularly beneficial in large-scale production, where amongst many other production simplifications, the use of regular steel rotors shaped through a deep-drawing process proves to be exceptionally efficient. This method sidesteps the need for the significantly more expensive iron sheets traditionally used, underscoring our dedication to creating highly efficient drivetrains that do not compromise on cost or performance. What truly sets our motor apart is its exceptional efficiency, making it a game-changer in the electric vehicle market. Franz’s dedication and expertise translate into tangible benefits: our motor can extend an EV’s range by up to 20%, allowing users to travel longer distances on a single charge. Alternatively, OEMs can opt for a 20% smaller battery without sacrificing range, achieving the same performance with a more compact and cost-effective power source. This versatility, made possible through Franz efforts in procurement, positions us as a key player in enabling car manufacturers to economise on battery capacity while maintaining the expected vehicle range.
Franz approach to work has earned him the affectionate joke among colleagues about gifting him golden headphones, symbolizing his constant dedication and exceptional communication skills. We certainly wouldn’t be where we are today without his ability to secure the best prices, ensure the fastest deliveries, and, at times, accomplish the seemingly impossible in procurement. His contributions are integral to DeepDrive’s success.

From challenge to opportunity

At DeepDrive, Franz approaches procurement with a philosophy that turns budget mindfulness into a competitive edge. „In the fast-paced tech industry, agility and precision in decision-making are key,“ Franz explains. „We prioritize clear, ongoing dialogue with our suppliers to ensure they have a deep understanding of our innovative products. This approach not only enhances the speed and responsiveness of our supply chain but also nurtures a partnership where suppliers are actively engaged in contributing to our efficiencies.

Ethics and relationships

What sets Franz apart is his emphasis on open communication and collaboration. He values the human aspect in professional settings, recognizing that understanding and flexibility can strengthen relationships and lead to better outcomes. His belief in direct interaction over impersonal methods has fostered a productive dialogue between procurement and engineering, streamlining processes and enhancing efficiency at DeepDrive. He says: “It is about being quick and decisive”. Ensuring that decisions do not take too long is crucial for maintaining a dynamic and effective workflow.
Franz further elaborates on his approach, stating, „we are actively seeking suppliers who are willing to go the extra mile with us.
Looking towards the future
As DeepDrive continues to grow, Franz is excited about the future. He envisions a company that not only excels in innovation but also maintains its core values of strong relationships, ethical business practices, and a balance between professional and personal life. For Franz and us, the journey ahead is filled with opportunities for growth, learning, and continued success. Looking ahead, Franz is focused on preparing DeepDrive for large-scale production. His goal is to guide the procurement process as the company scales up.