2023 / 10 / 20
Lukas‘ journey to DeepDrive is a tale of curiosity, passion, and dedication. While working as a layout engineer at Bosch, Lukas was primarily focused on thermal layouting of e-machines and e-axles. For this he was deeply involved in thermal simulations, creating cooling solutions and validation with measuring results. His role also encompassed the creation of requirement specifications and ensuring the mechanical supervision of test bench components with additional simulation assurance in ANSYS and Matlab.
It was also during this time at Bosch that our co-founders Markus, Stefan and Dean left Bosch to found their own company. Lukas‘ interest was piqued, and through Stefan, his supervisor at Bosch, he learned about the birth of DeepDrive.
Though initially skeptical about the platform DeepDrive aimed to develop, Lukas‘ interest was reignited when the company’s focus shifted to the development of electric motors. Having done his master thesis on the electromagnetic layout of outer rotor e-machines, he was intrigued by DeepDrive’s promise of achieving better results than he had seen in his own research.
Lukas‘ academic background, with a bachelor’s in mechanical engineering and a master’s in automotive engineering from TUM, combined with his professional experience, made him a perfect fit for DeepDrive. He recalls, „from the end of my bachelor’s, where we could choose specializations, I knew I wanted to delve into electric mobility, especially e-machine topics.“
Now a Systems Engineer at DeepDrive, Lukas is deeply involved in thermal modeling and validation. He joined in August and had since been enamored by the team’s passion and shared vision. Lukas is optimistic about DeepDrive’s future, believing in its potential to become a global supplier for electric motors for the automotive industry and beyond.
Outside of work, Lukas is a dedicated triathlete, having participated in triathlons ranging from short to long distances for over a decade. The picture he shared from the Ironman Frankfurt is a testament to his commitment and endurance. Such dedication to triathlons, especially the long-distance ones, requires immense perseverance. Lukas has shown that he possesses the tenacity to achieve his goals, both in sports and in life. This passion and motivation from triathlons translate seamlessly into his professional life, helping him stay focused and driven.
To integrate training into his daily life, Lukas often chooses to bike to the office in Munich. This serves as both a training session and a means to avoid public transportation. This daily routine further exemplifies his commitment to fitness and the environment.
His close connection to his colleagues and the ambitious, young team at DeepDrive make him confident in the company’s future. He reflects, „I’ve met some wonderful colleagues here, and I believe we’ll build lasting friendships.“