Meet our Engineers

2023 / 03 / 03

At DeepDrive, we’re always on the lookout for talented individuals who can bring fresh perspectives and expertise to our team. That’s why we’re thrilled to welcome Amer, one of our newest engineers, who has already made a significant impact in his role. 

Amer has an impressive background in engineering, studying electronical engineering and information technology at Hochschule Munich and participating in Munich Motorsport for two years. At Munich Motorsport he was responsible for tasks such as vehicle dynamics and human machine interface design. Eventually, he moved on to work in power electronics, where he and just one other colleague were responsible for the department due to a shortage of staff. 

During Munich Motorsport’s 22 season, Amer was responsible for the LV power supply and the inverter, where he and his team managed to bring the purchased inverter to peak performance. He also worked on software development for the HV accumulator, where he met Tobi, who is also one of our team members and currently completing his master’s thesis with us.

When Tobi heard that we were looking for someone with expertise in inverters, he immediately recommended Amer as Inverters are one of Amer’s favorite topics. He finds every aspect of the inverter compelling, including the software and hardware aspects, but he particularly finds it amazing that, in comparison to a combustion engine, so much power can be extracted from a much smaller package. 

Before joining DeepDrive, Amer completed his Bachelor’s thesis on the construction of an optical data link based on the WiFi protocol at Aero LiFi. It was a relatively unexplored field, and he continues to help them implement it in his current part-time job. 

Amer is a true enthusiast of electric mobility, and his passion for the industry is evident in everything he does. However, he doesn’t think the design of electric cars is as impressive as it could be yet. 😉 
He loves that electric vehicles are more efficient, produce less noise pollution, and have fewer emissions than traditional combustion engines. He is excited about the potential of electric mobility to create a cleaner, more sustainable future for all. 

We asked Amer what he enjoys about working with us and he said that he found a great environment to pursue his passion for electric mobility. He loves working with a small, tight-knit team of engineers who are all focused on creating innovative solutions to the challenges of motor technology development. Of course, it’s also not too bad to be reunited with Tobi again.  

Finally, what he likes most about working at DeepDrive is that he can have a big impact in a still quite small company. At a large corporate, it can be challenging to feel like you’re making a difference or that your work is truly valued. Amer feels empowered to take ownership of his projects and is excited to see the impact that his work can have on the future of electric mobility. 

We are proud to have Amer on board as part of our team. His expertise in power electronics and passion for electric mobility make him an invaluable asset, and we can’t wait to see what he’ll accomplish in the future. Stay tuned for more updates on our talented team of engineers and their exciting projects.