2023 / 10 / 13
Having studied mechanical engineering in Brazil, Gabriel’s passion for the auto sector was evident from the outset. By his third semester, driven by his love for motorsport and a desire to delve deeper into engineering technology, Gabriel co-founded a Formula Student team with fellow university students. One of the co-founders, known for his relentless pursuit of innovation and cutting-edge solutions, had a profound impact on Gabriel, further igniting his enthusiasm for technological advancements.
In 2014, Gabriel began his professional journey at FEV in Brazil as a test bench engineer, where he was responsible for conducting durability runs on combustion engines. His dedication and expertise soon led him to Germany in 2016, where he continued his work at FEV. Not only did he work on durability runs, but he also delved into the mechanical development of combustion engines. By 2017, his role further expanded to including analysis of engine parts post-teardown, identifying failure patterns and issues that arose during durability runs.
Recognizing the shift in the automotive industry, Gabriel decided in 2022 to pivot his career focus. With his extensive experience in conventional powertrain testing, he sought roles that emphasized e-mobility and innovation. This transition led him to Sono Motors in 2023 as a Validation Engineer for the vehicle’s thermal system. Though the project was short-lived, it opened the door for his current role at DeepDrive.
This pivot, combined with a friend’s introduction to DeepDrive and Gabriel’s background in powertrain testing, paved the way for a new career direction. After a conversation with our co-founder and managing director Stefan, Gabriel was ready to explore the innovative realm of e-mobility.
At DeepDrive, Gabriel plays a vital role. Since joining in April, he has been instrumental in enhancing the company’s testing and validation processes. His responsibilities span from developing validation plans for machines to thoroughly assessing test results, ensuring DeepDrive’s offerings stand out.
Interviewing Gabriel for this blog, he often emphasized the importance of team spirit at DeepDrive. Drawing parallels to the Formula Student mentality, he believes in the power of collaboration. „It’s not a one-person job,“ he mentions,“to be successful, we work together closely and support one another.“
Outside of work, Gabriel’s Brazilian roots shine through. He’s known as the ‚Grill Meister‘ within the team, a nod to his heritage from Brazil, famous for its ‚churrasco‘ or barbecue. It’s a hobby he’s proud of and one that adds a unique flavor to his identity.
With a clear vision for DeepDrive’s future, Gabriel hopes to see the company’s motors become a staple on the roads, symbolizing quality and innovation. From mechanical engineering in Brazil to eMobility in Germany, Gabriel’s story is one of passion, adaptability, and commitment.