Meet our Engineers

2023 / 05 / 12

Meet Tobi, the young and talented engineer who just converted from working student to full-time engineer: We are so happy that you continue your ride with DeepDrive.

Tobi was one of the lucky few who witnessed the early days of DeepDrive, back when it was just a small workshop that had the typical startup garage feeling. As the second working student of the company, Tobi was there from the very beginning and witnessed our growth and development.

Before joining DeepDrive, Tobi participated in Munich Motorsport, where he focused on the powertrain. He was fully committed to being the team lead and was often working long hours. One day, Felix, our Co-Founder, and MD, approached Tobi at an open house event, hoping to recruit him. At first, Tobi was hesitant, as he was already very busy with his work at Munich Motorsport.
However, Felix – and he can be very convincing – pitched DeepDrive, which in the first place was a gathering of motorsport enthusiasts that all met during their time at TUfast, and Tobi was very quickly excited about working with likeminded engineers on cutting-edge technology.

Thus, despite the workload at Munich Motorsport, Tobi accepted the offer. The shared passion for motorsports, and the support that the company provides for Formula Student was what made his decision final. He loves the motorsport spirit and the fact that everyone at DeepDrive is young and capable, which motivates him to work even harder. For Tobi, working at DeepDrive doesn’t feel like work at all; it’s something he enjoys doing every day.

Tobi just graduated from studying Mechanical Engineering at the Hochschule München, and he wrote his master’s thesis with us performing a fatigue analysis of mechanical components using FEM simulation. In addition to his thesis work, he supports the company in manufacturing and stator-related issues.

Now, that he completing his thesis with us, Tobi transitions to a full-time role with us, where he will be responsible for developing and validating manufacturing processes and tools for prototype and series production, coordinating requirements between engineering and manufacturing teams, and overseeing production planning and industrialization workstreams.

We are excited to have Tobi as a part of our team, and we look forward to seeing all the great work he will accomplish in the future. His passion for motorsports, his dedication to his work, and his positive attitude make him a valuable asset, and we can’t wait to see where his journey with us takes him.