Meet our Engineers

2023 / 05 / 18

His journey began back in 2010 when he met Stefan and Markus during their mechanical engineering studies at TU Munich. They became close friends, and together they joined TUfast, the motorsport team of TU Munich. Dean was part of the Chassis and Aerodynamics team, where he was responsible for designing and manufacturing components and learning about the impact of aerodynamics on the entire vehicle. After his freshman year, he became the Chassis and Aerodynamics leader with a team of 20 people. During this time, he completed his semester thesis developing hollow carbon fiber reinforced plastic wheels for the world champion car TUfast developed that year.

With this background in mind, it seemed clear to pursue a career as CFRP specialist but looking at the developments in the automotive industry, Dean changed course and dedicated himself entirely to electric mobility. He joined Bosch as a Development Engineer for E-Machines, where Markus and Stefan were already working on electrification. During his time at Bosch, Dean and Stefan worked closely together on the first major electrification project for a Japanese customer overseeing it from acquisition to series production. Thus, also at Bosch our TUfast alumni continued their joined journey.

Working together side by side for years at Bosch, the idea of starting something of their own slowly started to form. After intense workshops, they initially wanted to create a platform for autonomous driving. Then, after reaching out to the A-team of people they wanted to found the company with, the final decision to focus on disrupting tomorrow’s electric mobility was made. Within four months, they had a complete concept and presented the DeepDrive platform with integrated wheel hub motors at the IAA Mobility in September 2021.
Since then, DeepDrive has received great interest from the automotive industry and is already working with 8 of the top 10 car manufacturers on several development projects. We still believe that platforms will be the future of the industry but have decided to focus exclusively on the development of drives for the time being for several reasons: firstly, the huge interest we received from the industry for our drive units was a clear indicator and we want to concentrate on our core technology as a first step, and secondly, this focus enables us to enter the market more quickly.

Dean’s technical expertise and ability to take on new challenges have made him an essential part of the DeepDrive team. His enthusiasm and energy are contagious, and we are fortunate to have him as a Co-founder and Production Engineer. We look forward to seeing where his creativity and determination will take us in the future.

It’s quite remarkable and funny that most of the DeepDrive team has already met almost a decade ago, and years later, a company is build on this basis. This level of trust and friendship is 100% reflected in our DNA, where the team works closely together, supports each other, and is focused on building innovative solutions for the future of the automotive industry.