2023 / 10 / 06
Rodrigo da Silva’s path to DeepDrive was paved with familiar connections. He had previously collaborated with our co-founder Christopher Römmelmayer and Felix Kaiser, our latest new joiner in the software department, at Infineon. It was Chris, who reached out to Rodrigo. He was confident that Rodrigo would be a perfect fit for DeepDrive, and the promise of hands-on hardware work and the unique startup spirit of DeepDrive convinced Rodrigo to join the team.
The world of electronics has always fascinated Rodrigo, especially with its vast array of choices. „The sheer variety in electronics drew me to this path and continues to motivate me every day,“ he reflects.
Rodrigo’s academic foundation is rooted in electrical engineering, which he pursued in Brazil at both the bachelor’s and master’s levels. His interest in green energy solutions led him to Denmark for his Ph.D. in power electronic systems at Aalborg University, which offered the perfect environment for Rodrigo to delve deeper into his field.
Family considerations eventually brought Rodrigo to Germany. Here, at DeepDrive, his career took an intriguing turn. Starting with our low-voltage In-wheel Drive, he admired its compactness and power integration. As the technology matured, Rodrigo transitioned to working on our high-voltage Central Drive. This domain presents its own set of challenges and rewards.
Outside the technical realm, Rodrigo has a vibrant array of hobbies. Whether it’s surfing, drumming, playing football, or snowboarding, Munich offers the perfect backdrop for all his activities.
The team spirit at DeepDrive resonates deeply with Rodrigo. „The youthful vibe, combined with an open feedback culture, makes DeepDrive a dynamic place to work,“ he shares. Looking ahead, Rodrigo is optimistic about DeepDrive’s trajectory, eagerly anticipating the day he sees our technology on the roads.
From Brazil to Denmark, and now Germany, Rodrigo da Silva’s journey with DeepDrive is a blend of passion, expertise, and a relentless drive to innovate.