2024 / 04 / 12

Educational background

Sebald’s career started with a Bachelor’s degree in Business Informatics from TUM. In parallel, he also studied Political Science and Sociology, earning another Bachelor’s degree from LMU. For him, delving into Political Science wasn’t about career prospects; it was more like a hobby, something he found intriguing beyond professional pursuits. To deepen his tech knowledge, Sebald then later pursued a Master’s in Business Informatics at TUM, which he completed in 2022.

First steps into the professional world

His first job was at Turner & Townsend as a working student for 3 years. Later, he transitioned to Bavaria Film Gruppe. There, he worked as a Business Intelligence Engineer, which involved bridging topics in data analytics and finance. During this time, he occasionally met with his friend and former schoolmate Felix, our co-CEO and co-founder. Felix shared the recent developments and innovations taking place at DeepDrive, which led Sebald to consider joining the company.

Taking on a new challenge at DeepDrive

Sebald, our dedicated IT specialist since June 2023, plays a vital role in ensuring the smooth operation of our IT infrastructure, covering everything from benign e-mails to hardware and cloud migrations. With his broad understanding of IT processes, Sebald can take care of the wide range of topics that continuously emerge in a young company environment. He particularly appreciates the opportunity to impact all aspects of IT operations. He mentioned, „If my work goes unnoticed and everything runs smoothly, that’s a sign of success.“
Currently, Sebald is tackling the task of establishing the network and enhancing data security at DeepDrive’s new office. This challenge is amplified by the office’s vast size, spanning three floors plus a substantial workshop, all starting from scratch. Sebald dives into different areas, addressing technical issues and streamlining processes along the way. He greatly values his work and the freedom to explore various projects, allowing him to continuously expand his skills.

A team focused on improvement

At DeepDrive, Sebald thrives in an environment fuelled by constant innovation and improvement. He experiences the team as dynamic, always striving to improve processes and efficiency. Sebald appreciates the company’s fast pace and the breadth of projects, noting the importance of forward-thinking strategies to accommodate future growth.
Outside of work, Sebald’s interests span a wide range of activities. Whether he’s out biking, dabbling in investment opportunities or delving into French existentialism, Sebald finds fulfilment beyond his professional endeavours.