2023 / 11 / 17
At DeepDrive, we’re not just engineers and entrepreneurs; we’re visionaries and thinkers. Simon, one of our brightest minds, exemplifies this ethos. His story with DeepDrive began in an almost fateful encounter at TUfast, where he met our founders. The passion and ambition they shared about their startup sparked a flame of interest in Simon, a flame that grew into a burning curiosity and led him to join our team.

Simon’s journey to DeepDrive

Simon’s path wasn’t straightforward. After a year of finishing his master’s degree and while contemplating a PhD, he reached out to DeepDrive. What started as a short-term internship blossomed into a significant role within our ranks. His background in physics, particularly in the material research for solar cells, while seemingly distant from electric motors, shares a common thread with DeepDrive’s mission: a sustainable future. Simon’s expertise in plasma physics and his hands-on experience in building driverless cars at TUfast have greatly enriched his ongoing Ph.D. studies, which he continues to pursue with dedication at DeepDrive.

The physics behind innovation

Simon operates at the nexus of theoretical physics and practical application. His current focus on the magnetization of rotor magnets is pivotal to enhancing the efficiency and effectiveness of our electric motors. He navigates through the challenges of adapting to rapidly evolving motor designs, balancing the abstract concepts of physics with the tangible requirements of motor engineering.
Simon’s work philosophy is encapsulated in his own words: „If you want to do something radically new, you have to go down to the basic physics.” This statement isn’t just a reflection of his approach to problem-solving; it’s a guiding principle for DeepDrive. By delving into the fundamental principles of physics, Simon believes we can unearth revolutionary ideas and translate them into groundbreaking technologies.

Fostering team synergy

Despite the intricate nature of his work, Simon remains deeply integrated into the fabric of DeepDrive’s culture, a culture that transcends the conventional bounds of a workplace. The team spirit that he experienced at TUfast has seamlessly transitioned into DeepDrive, reinforcing the sense of community and shared purpose.

The Future with DeepDrive

Simon is a staunch advocate for DeepDrive’s potential, seeing beyond the automotive industry to a future where our motors revolutionise various sectors. As he juggles his PhD commitments, his focus remains on contributing to DeepDrive’s success, embodying the spirit of teamwork and the drive for innovation.

Beyond the Lab and Workshop

Simon’s creativity isn’t confined to the office—he’s also a tinkerer and builder. Alongside his colleague Michael Prommersberger, he created a motorized electric Bobby car, demonstrating his love for technical challenges and innovation. Furthermore, Simon finds solace and joy in his agricultural roots, bridging his high-tech expertise with the earthy realities of farm life.
Simon Wegener is not just part of DeepDrive; he reflects our core values—innovation grounded in fundamental science, a passion for sustainable solutions, and a belief in the power of a united team. His journey with us is a testament to the relentless pursuit of turning radical ideas into reality.