2023 / 11 / 10
Tristan’s journey in electric mobility is a testament to his deep-seated expertise. His tenure at BMW as the BE Team Leader for E-Drive Housings was marked by his pivotal role in the development of the Gen 5 motor. He didn’t just oversee the development of E-Drive Gen5 housings; he also spearheaded the large-scale industrialization of these parts.
Gen 5 represents not just a single motor but a modular system that can be adapted across different systems and power levels, offering the flexibility to power a diverse range of vehicles. This adaptability is at the heart of Tristan’s work, reflecting the versatility required in today’s dynamic automotive landscape.

Discovering DeepDrive

Tristan’s curiosity about DeepDrive was sparked by a newspaper article detailing our Series-A funding round, with BMW i Ventures as a notable investor. „I looked at the website and saw a great way to rethink the electric motor,“ Tristan recalls. DeepDrive’s approach, characterized by its patented Dual Rotor technology, stood out in a sea of electric motors, offering a fresh perspective and a disruptive approach on the design of electric drive units.

Building relationships and finding solutions

The collaborative spirit at DeepDrive struck a chord with Tristan. The first meeting with our co-founders Dean and Markus was not just a formality but a brainstorming session to address current technical challenges. It was clear to Tristan that he had found his new professional home, a place where the collective mindset thrived, contrasting starkly with the isolation often faced by solo founders.

Tristan’s role at DeepDrive

In the Mechanical Development department at DeepDrive, Tristan leads the charge in designing fully functional motors and ensuring their seamless integration into customer vehicle packages. The breadth of tasks, from overarching project plans to the minutiae of technical design, fuels his motivation.
In his leadership role, Tristan navigates the complexities of prioritization and time management while keeping a keen eye on the myriad of tasks at hand. At the early stages of development, the enthusiasm is palpable, but the team is lean. Tristan knows that to reach our ambitious goals on time, effective communication and flexibility are key. He advocates for direct interaction over impersonal email exchanges and adapts to the ever-changing requirements of the projects. His approach is akin to a skilled juggler, carefully balancing multiple tasks to maintain momentum without overburdening the team.
Tristan’s vision for DeepDrive involves transforming our cutting-edge technology into consumer-ready drive units, considering the diverse conditions of use cases and vehicles to unlock the full potential of our innovations.

The road ahead: innovation and collaboration

The market’s increasing demand for efficient motors, whether for battery vehicles or hydrogen energy, underscores the importance of DeepDrive work. Tristan reinforces, our challenge is not just technological but also temporal; we must move quickly to meet market demands. In-Wheel Drive technology prompts a reimagining of vehicle design, freeing up space traditionally occupied by large front engines and allowing for innovative uses of fuel cells and hydrogen energy storage.
According to Tristan, DeepDrive has a bright future as a leading supplier, not only because of our innovative Dual Rotor technology and our expansive vision but also due to the unparalleled team spirit. It’s a place where collaboration is not just a practice but a culture. „In the intricate dance of project management, it’s not about how many balls you have in the air but how well you can keep them aloft and in harmony.““It’s the smiles we share at the beginning and end of each day that reflect the true spirit of DeepDrive—a spirit that drives innovation and fosters growth.“

Embracing the outdoors and Munich’s vibrancy

Away from the drafting table, Tristan is a passionate outdoor enthusiast. He finds Munich’s scenic beauty the perfect playground for adventures like sailing and skiing. Tristan moved to Munich after completing his studies at TU Darmstadt. He took up a position with BMW, embracing not only a new career chapter but also the vibrant lifestyle Munich offers.
Within DeepDrive, Tristan is energized by the team’s collective spirit and the challenges that they boldly face. He values the open environment where every idea is given due consideration, a refreshing change from the more hierarchical structure of larger corporations. Looking forward, Tristan sees DeepDrive as a leading supplier of electric motors, with technology that’s set for significant expansion in the future.