2024 / 03 / 01
Valentin’s path to DeepDrive was shaped by diverse experiences and a solid foundation in finance and technology. He completed both his Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Management and Technology at TUM. Throughout his academic career, Valentin has gained valuable insights and developed his business and finance skills through a series of internships and activities in various countries and sectors, which have well prepared him for his role in strategic finance.


Early in his career, Valentin explored various facets of the business world through internships that took him from the consulting floors of EY to the risk and innovation department at Lloyd’s London. His journey through the complex landscapes of M&A at ING, and his roles in venture capital at Rocket Internet and UVC Partners, equipped him with a deep understanding of the intricacies of investment and startup dynamics.


Unlike the paths one might have expected to lead Valentin to DeepDrive, he first discovered us through a more personal connection: Vincent, his flatmate and our very first employee. Valentin’s decision to collaborate with us began with his master’s thesis, which he completed at DeepDrive, providing him with a unique insight into our processes, tools, and culture. After graduating successfully, he has continued his journey with us, but as a full-time employee since September 2023.


Valentin, working closely with Felix, our Managing Director, plays a key role at DeepDrive, driving our business strategy forward. His responsibilities span across fundraising, investor relations, business planning, and more. He is particularly adept at fundraising, business case, cost modelling and investor relations, which are crucial for our way to become a unicorn.
In his role, Valentin engages in cross-functional collaboration, giving him insights into different areas of the company, from the technical aspects of e-machine development to the financial nuances of manufacturing. This not only enriches his understanding of DeepDrive’s operations but also fosters a culture of shared knowledge and open communication. Through strategic planning and financial management, Valentin contributes significantly to setting DeepDrive on a path of sustainable growth and innovation in the electric mobility sector.


At DeepDrive, Valentin appreciates the strong sense of teamwork. It transforms work into something he eagerly anticipates each day. He has made friends among his colleagues who share his enthusiasm for the great outdoors. Together with Paco and Bene, our software engineers, they enjoy mountain climbing, illustrating how their collaboration at work seamlessly blends into their leisure activities. Valentin is passionate about the mountains, engaging in skiing, climbing, or biking to relax and recharge.
Valentin’s path to DeepDrive is a reminder of the impact that diverse experiences and genuine passions can have on both our professional environment and personal lives. His journey highlights the value of collaboration and personal connection within our workspace.