2024 / 02 / 09
Vincent’s journey to DeepDrive started from the adrenaline-fueled circuits of the TUfast racing team to our innovative corridors. His early career, marked by pivotal roles in technical project management at Audi and SVW in China, laid a robust foundation in engineering and project management. Furthermore, he gained insights in product and technology innovation companies at both Audi and SVW in China, where he explored new avenues for die-casting machines. These experiences equipped him with a unique blend of skills and insights, which are now invaluable in his role at DeepDrive.
Vincent’s engagement with DeepDrive began in late 2020. At that time, he was working as a Junior Consultant at UnternehmerTUM when he received a crucial call from Dean, sparking a conversation about starting a new company. Although intrigued, Vincent did not immediately join the venture.

The start of something big

In early 2021, while drafting his master’s thesis, Vincent reconnected with the DeepDrive team, recalling earlier discussions with Dean. This made him decide to work with us on his thesis and also work as a working student at the same time. Back then, the company was merely a group of our seven founders with ambitious ideas, about to embark on a new journey. The focus back then was an innovative vehicle platform, aimed at simplifying design processes for car manufacturers. Vincent’s thesis centered on creating a cost-efficient product line for this platform, aligning with our forward-thinking approach.

Transition to full-time role

After completing his thesis, Vincent joined DeepDrive as the first full-time employee. He liked the idea of taking on responsibility early in his career, something he found unique to working in a startup versus a corporate environment. His role as a business developer gave him insights into the industry. He represented DeepDrive in pitch competitions and at trade fairs around the world, gaining a broad understanding of the automotive industry.
DeepDrive has grown rapidly, from less than 10 employees to 70. Vincent sees this as a reflection of the company’s potential. His role at DeepDrive is diverse. One key element is to investigate and evaluate other viable product variants and applications besides the automotive industry (e.g. commercial vehicles or industrial applications like wind power). Another key element is partnerships like the one with Continental, where we jointly develop our Drive-Brake Unit: an electric component consisting of DeepDrive’s In-Wheel Drive and Continental’s brake systems. He was deeply involved in the initiation of the partnership and acts as an interface to general business functions. And since we, at DeepDrive, have a very dynamic work environment, there are many other things and side roles to work on.

Life outside work

In his free time, Vincent is passionate about climbing and bouldering. He spends time in the gym during winter and enjoys climbing in the Alps during summer.
Vincent’s story at DeepDrive is about seizing opportunities, contributing to groundbreaking work, and being part of a dynamic and growing team. His journey from a consultant to a key player in business development showcases his adaptability and eagerness to drive innovation in the automotive industry.