2024 / 17 / 05
Xenia started her higher education at the University of Applied Sciences, focusing on Business Administration. After earning her Bachelor’s degree in 2023, she was keen to learn more, so she continued at the same university to pursue a Master’s degree in Procurement and Supply Management. This has allowed her to build on her expertise in a key business area. Alongside her studies, Xenia was the Team Leader of Human Resources at Munich Motorsport from 2021 to 2022. She was an active member of the team from 2020 to 2023, skilfully managing her academic and professional commitments during her tenure.
Before joining DeepDrive, Xenia worked in supply chain management. Her first role at Webasto involved monitoring KPIs to ensure the supply chain was efficient and identifying areas that needed changes. She then moved to Knorr Bremse, where she focused on demand planning, ensuring the company could meet future supply needs effectively. At Knorr Bremse, she was tasked with overseeing the entire demand planning process, a critical role in maintaining the efficiency of supply operations.
DeepDrive was proud to sponsor the Rollout 2023 event hosted by Munich Motorsport in Munich. This casual gathering allowed our team to engage with participants in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere. As a member of MunicHMotorsport, Xenia enjoyed the opportunity to connect with Felix, Franz, Dominik, and others. Franz, in particular, was pleased to meet her, showing interest in having her join as a procurement working student. This event provided Xenia with firsthand insight into the welcoming culture fostered at DeepDrive.
At DeepDrive, Xenia is a working student in the procurement department. She supports various tasks, from helping with day-to-day operational needs to developing new procurement processes. Her role involves collaborative work with Franz, who had been managing the department solo before her arrival. She aids in everything from operational support to strategic initiatives, ensuring the procurement operations adapt and thrive.
Xenia values DeepDrive’s flexible work environment, which allows her to choose daily between working from home or in the office. This flexibility fits well with her active lifestyle and personal commitments. She enjoys the company’s young and energetic team, which encourages open communication and teamwork, creating a supportive and innovative workplace.
Outside of work, Xenia is very active. She plays tennis, enjoys beach volleyball, and goes hiking. She also likes to spend time with friends, hosting game nights and participating in various social activities. Her energetic and proactive lifestyle mirrors her professional drive. Xenia is determined to finish her Master’s degree and is planning to do her thesis at DeepDrive. She hopes to secure a full-time position at the company afterwards, attracted by its fast-paced environment and the meaningful work it offers.