2023 / 06 / 02

At DeepDrive, we are on a mission to transform the world of EVs and make sustainable mobility a reality. Today, we are excited to kick off a series of captivating videos where one of our brilliant technical minds, Alex, delves into the challenges faced by current EVs and how our groundbreaking technology is the solution to these problems. In this first episode, Alex tackles the crucial issue of efficiency and sheds light on the remarkable potential for improvement.

The Efficiency Conundrum

Electric vehicles have come a long way, but they still face a significant hurdle when it comes to efficiency. It’s alarming to realize that from plug to wheel, more than 40% of electric energy is wasted in the current state of EV technology. This inefficiency results in reduced range, larger and costlier batteries, and higher operating costs. It’s a problem we are determined to solve.

The Culprit: Electric Powertrain

One of the main contributors to energy loss in EVs is the electric powertrain. While electric motors boast high efficiency of over 95% at high output power, the story changes when operating at lower power levels. Friction losses, iron losses, and splashing losses in the gearbox lead to a drastic reduction in efficiency during low-power operation. This issue becomes even more pronounced in low-temperature conditions and short driving distances, where the high viscosity of transmission fluid further hampers efficiency. As a result, state-of-the-art drive systems struggle to maintain efficiency above 75% in everyday driving situations.

The Implications

The consequences of this efficiency gap are significant. For a typical electric vehicle, the reduced efficiency translates into a range reduction of over 100 km and electricity costs exceeding €3,000 over the vehicle’s lifetime. Additionally, the already-expensive and resource-intensive batteries become heavier to achieve the desired range. Every percentage gain in cycle efficiency can save up to €200 in the total cost of ownership for an electric vehicle, highlighting the importance of enhancing drive unit efficiency to build more sustainable EVs.

Looking Ahead

Stay tuned for the second episode of our DeepDrive DeepDive interview series, coming next Friday! Alex will delve deeper into our revolutionary technology and why previous attempts have failed to bring such a game-changing product to the market. We’re excited to share our insights and continue driving the future of electric mobility.