2023 / 06 / 08

Welcome to the second part of our DeepDrive DeepDive! In our previous video, we explored the challenges surrounding electric mobility, with a specific focus on the inefficiencies that stem from electric powertrains. Today, we are thrilled to introduce DeepDrive’s groundbreaking technology, which solves this challenge. Join us as we unveil our innovative solution and its potential to transform the industry.


DeepDrive has developed a cutting-edge motor topology that addresses the limitations of conventional electric drive units. Our groundbreaking solution incorporates a Dual Rotor, Radial Flux topology, integrating the benefits of an inner runner and an outer runner into a single electric machine. While the concept of a dual rotor machine is not entirely new, our patented technology has overcome the manufacturing challenges associated with large-scale production, making it a significant breakthrough.


Our Dual Rotor, Radial Flux machine offers numerous advantages that set it apart from traditional electric motors. With minimal iron losses, it delivers exceptional partial load efficiency, achieving industry-leading torque density and power density while keeping material costs low. Furthermore, our technology enables seamless large-scale series production, resulting in accelerated time-to-market. By implementing DeepDrive’s technology, electric vehicles can realize an impressive 20% increase in cycle efficiency, leading to a substantial reduction of over €4,000 in total-cost-of-ownership per vehicle. Additionally, our optimized design significantly reduces the weight and cost of the drive unit by utilizing rare earth permanent magnets and silicon steel in the most efficient manner.


To demonstrate the readiness of our technology, we have meticulously developed and rigorously tested prototypes on our state-of-the-art in-house test bench. The torque output and efficiency measurements surpassed our expectations, validating the exceptional performance capabilities of our solution. Collaborating with industry partners, we successfully integrated our samples into vehicles, providing tangible proof of our technology’s readiness for real-world electric vehicle applications.


Our motor technology offers versatile applications, catering to various electric vehicle architectures. It can be seamlessly integrated as a classical central drive system, combined with a gearbox for optimal performance. Alternatively, our technology is so compact that it can be implemented as an in-wheel motor, delivering a gearless direct-drive experience. The adaptability and versatility of our solution make it an ideal choice for diverse electric vehicle platforms.

In the upcoming weeks, we are excited to introduce our two groundbreaking products, our central drive and our in-wheel drive, built upon our core technology: The DeepDrive Dual Rotor, Radial Flux machine. These innovative offerings will showcase the immense potential of DeepDrive’s advancements and further solidify our commitment to shaping the future of electric mobility.

Stay tuned for the next installment of DeepDrive DeepDive as we delve deeper into the transformative impact of our technology on the electric vehicle industry.